Tekrange offers a range of new and remanufactured servers for entry level, midrange and high-end requirements.

New Servers
The range of new servers is extensive. Whether your needs are entry, midrange or at the high-end, the servers we offer are:

Price/performance optimized
Widely scalable and extremely reliable
Optimized for the diverse challenges of data center workloads
Agile, dependable and secure
Oriented for enterprise-class performance and manageability
Massively scalable for mission critical network computing

Remanufactured Servers
Remanufactured servers are not just cleaned and revived before being resold. The remanufactured servers we endorse are audited and tested to ensure that the authenticity of the product is as it would be if it were new – simply at a fraction of the cost. Along with stringent quality control processes, remanufactured servers are fitted with new serial numbers to ensure that the product can be traced, serviced and maintained according to the highest standards.

Tekrange’s partnerships represent the quality and reliability that Tekrange promises its customers. The best of breed server solutions provided by our partners are extensive; Tekrange works with you to determine the best fit between the product and your specific requirements.