Arguably one of the more critical aspects of any business rests in its networking and security systems. As such, Tekrange plays host to the best of class networking solutions that cater to small businesses, mid-sized operations and larger corporations.

Tekrange’s extensive relationships with networking specialists such as Cisco, Juniper, Extreme Networks, and 3Com award its customers with a diverse and cost effective line up of product options.

Whether wired or wireless networks, Tekrange has the ability to match the appropriate sized solution to the size of your organization. Networking tools include:

network monitoring
device control
problem resolution
remote management

Certainly the priority of networking solutions is to improve productivity and reduce operational costs. Whether new or remanufactured, the partners and products that Tekrange supports will help you to simplify your network through automation and integration.

Tekrange’s partnerships represent the quality and reliability that Tekrange promises its customers. The best of breed storage solutions provided by our partners are extensive; Tekrange works with you to determine the best fit between the product and your specific requirements.