About Tekrange

Tekrange was founded on the principle that high-end, savvy technology should be affordable and easily accessible to businesses of all sizes. Leveraging years of experience in data management, Tekrange brings depth of knowledge and hands-on learnings to assist you with any and all Server, Storage, Networking, Maintenance and Asset Recovery requirements. The advantage of working with Tekrange is evident through its relationships with industry leaders; we take great pride in nurturing those relationships so that the most current solutions are easily accessible to you and your business.

Tekrange Philosophy

Our goal is to make the research, decision and buying process easy and efficient. By offering new and remanufactured products to our clients, we can support the obvious and frequent restrictions of budget and availability. Our remanufactured products are the best of breed and highest quality solutions; they have not simply been refurbished, but have been remanufactured to return to a state of new, at a fraction of the cost.